Yesterday Catalyst Game Labs released a new campaign book for the Shadowrun, Twentieth Anniversary Edition roleplaying-game, Shadowrun: Jet Set. With the adventure seeds in this new campaign book the shadowrunners may experience the luxuries of the high class, but of course it’s has a price.

  In Jet Set the players has the chance to get close to the shakers and movers of the world, be them royalty, corporate elite or even dragons. These people know not only what they want, but they also know how to get it. It depends on the shadowrunners if they could get along and rip the fruits of their efforts, or gets trampled upon when they gets in the way.

  As we already seen this with Shadowrun campaign books Shadowrun: Jet Set is divided into three parts. The Kingdom in the Air chapter provides an in-universe section about the high society and several very influential character. After that we receive 17 different chapters, each containing an adventure plot connected with the high society. The last chapter is the character trove, holding a group of ready-to-use NPC-s to throw at the characters, or assist them as contacts.

  In the pdf preview you may see the title of the different adventure seeds which suggests dragons, under-sea action (well, it’s no surprise after the cover), and other interesting plots. Based on early reviews the book is as excellent as you may expect from Catalyst, both in content and execution.

I’ll definitely take a look at this when I have the chance. If you are interested, it’s already available at DriveThruRPG here.

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros