On this week Catalyst Game Labs released an interesting new expansion to the Shadowrun Twentieth Anniversary Edition titled Shadowrun : Parabotany. It’s our time to get know the various awakened plants of the game!

   Plants is an often overlooked part of many roleplaying games, and Shadowrun is no different in this regard. Who cares about trees when there are dragons, trolls and even stranger beings, and many of them actively trying to rip your head off ? Well, Shadowrun : Parabotany proves that even trees and bushes could be interesting.

   Even the cover image is a good example of this – a tumbleweed trashing a sports car is really awesome ! But of course, many of the plants has much more practical use than that.

   Parabotanical plants are a source of drugs, poisons, medicine, magical foci and even stranger things, and a lots of corporate research focused on these areas. Other awakened plants are extremely dangerous and could surprise unprepared runners. Both of these things make them possible interesting additions to Shadowrun adventures and to the player characters income.

   From taking armed expeditions into war-torn Amazonia for the Brazilian Kiwi to help research based on Dunkelzahn’s Will to stealing valuable data and samples from corporate installations or to grow your own magical foci in your own backyard the possibilities are endless. Shadowrun : Parabotany is a great well of adventure hooks.

   For every plant we receive a detailed description of it’s history and the known facts, while a short table of summary contains information like habitat, rarity, physical description, availability and known usage. Good quality full-color artworks help to imagine the plants.

   I think Shadowrun : Parabotany is an interesting and somewhat surprising addition to the game which definitely seems to worth a look. So if you interested in more then 50 pages on awakened plants you may go to DriveThruRPG to check out the preview and possibly purchase the book.

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros