The next Shadowrun mission is available : On a Silver Platter. hovewer, now it’s not one but two missions in one package, as the covention exclusive mission Copycat Killer is added to the deal as a bonus !

  Catalyst Game Labs recently released a new mission to the Shadowrun roleplaying-game. On a Silver Platter is a new adventure, where the players are drawn into a personal vendetta. and there is something else : Copycat Killer was a convention adventure in 2010, and now it’s included for On a Silver Platter as bonus content ! Why ? Because it’s the prequel of the current Mission.

  A father find out who was responsible for his daughter death one year ago, the men behind the killer. It’s the players job to carry on his personal vendetta. Meanwhile the the struggle between the Ork Underground and the city of Seattle is continues, as the metahuman rights groups continue to push for recognition.

1 year before…

  A serial killer called the Mayan Cutter was a bane of the metahumans of Seattle for three years. Lone Star was unable to catch him, and not long after Knight Errant taken over they took credit for taking down the killer. The killings stopped than, but now, they are starting over. Is it the real killer, or just a copycat ? It’s the runners job to find out, and get revenge in the Copycat Killer adventure.

For potential players it’s good to know, that the two missions are available for as low as only $3.95 at DriveThruRPG.

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros