Terra/Sol Games LLC released a new sourcebook to the Traveller RPG, Six Guns: Rescue Organizations If you ever wondered, what happens if somebody gets in trouble in space, this could be the supplement for you.

  Six Guns: Rescue Organizations is a new sourcebook from Terra/Sol Games, released as the second book in their Six Guns product-line. Six Guns is a series of roleplaying supplements, using the Traveller rules from Mongoose Publishing. as the name implies, each issue provide in-detail information on six examples of the topic. These are intended to Terra/Sol Games own setting, Twilight Sector, but they are usable for any other Traveller campaign too with no problem.

  After the first book in the line, Six Guns: Gauss Weapons where we got a couple of new and interesting weapons, Six Guns: Rescue Organizations provide us details in who, when and why could come to the rescue.

  We receive detailed information on six different organizations, created for search, rescue and salvage. We also get a summary about customs and policies regarding the matter at hand, and also a couple of adventure seeds. Several new equipments are provided for those times, when your characters should fear the worst, as well as a new career: Emergency Responder.

  As Six Guns: Rescue Organizations visits a topic not explored before, it could be a useful sourcebook for Traveller players.

You may purchase this e-book at DriveThruRPG : here

Or you may check the publisher’s website : here

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros