Catalyst Game  Labs just released a new adventure,  Shadowrun : Damage Control. It’s a start for a new series of adventures called Boardroom Backstabs for Shadowrun: Twentieth Anniversary Edition.

   The new Boardroom Backstabs series will explore one of the most common themes of the Shadowrun RPG : corporate machinations and politics, where maybe nothing is what it seems to be, and you could trust nobody. There is a lot of money for those who could navigate these dangerous waters, but the unlucky will be just nameless victims of the mighty corporations.

   Shadowrun: Damage Control place the action into Dubai, where the great dragon Hestaby leveled the Middle East Headquarters of Saeder-Krupp. Lofwyr left Hans Brackhaus in charge of the damage control operation, as they must defend their remaining assets (including a secret project) and strike at their enemies hiding in the shadows. For that end they need professional but disposable personnel to do the job : shadowrunners.

   So be ready to fight at every opportunity, as many corporations think that it’s time to turn the temporary weakness of Saeder-Krupp to their benefit and attack. They think the giant corporation is vulnerable while it’s recuperating it’s losses. Now, it’s up to the player characters to prove that they are dead wrong.

  All in all Shadowrun: Damage Control seems to be an interesting title, as standing between the power of two great dragons could be really dangerous. But danger pays well.

For those who are interested in this title, it’s already available on DriveThruRPG here.

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros