There is a new campaign book is available for Shadowrun Twentieth Edition – the  Shadowrun: The Twilight Horizon sourcebook. Catalyst’s new book is dealing with one of the biggest powerhouses of the Sixth World, the Horizon corporation.

   The Horizon is a Triple-A corporation which is everywhere in communication, public relations and entertainment. It seems they are working for a greater good, but maybe it’s just a ruse. The trids, the music and the news are both coming from them, and they know how to manipulate people. Thats a terrifying power.

   Now the corporation in under pressure, as technomancers, Mojave spirits, and even the dreaded Aztechnology is on the offensive.  If there is a dark side of Horizon, then it’s soon comes into the light, and that could have a tremendous effect upon the Sixth World.

   As with other Shadowrun campaing books, The Twilight Horizon is also divided into several parts.  The first two part contain campaign information on the Horizon’s current state and Las Vegas respectively. The remaining two contain the usual missions and the characters, which is the real “meat” of the book.

   Of course, the new adventures are connected to the Horizon company, and as players are dealing with dark secrets in a web of corporations and other powers Horizon and the Sixth World may change around them.

The Shadowrun: The Twilight Horizon book is already avaialbe at DriveThruRPG for those who want to delve deeper into the secrets of a megacorp.

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros