Today is the release date for Star Trek HeroClix: Tactics, a new game from WizKids. Using the standard HeroClix ruleset it’s the third Star Trek themed game from the publisher after the release of the Star Trek: Expeditions and Star Trek : Fleet Captains boardgames.

  I think the license is in good hands with WizKids, as the games they produced are offering a really good production value, and thematic gaming experience. Suprisingly Reiner Knizia‘s Star Trek: Expeditions isn’t as popular as it could be (my opinion : it’s don’t have any mayor problems, and an expansion could make it even more interesting), On the other hand Star Trek: Fleet Captains  seems to be popular in the boardgame community. It’s a pity that I didn’t had the chance to try it out yet.

But back on Star Trek Heroclix : Tactics.

  The game features ship vs. ship combat on a 1,5″ grid map. While it’s using the same rules it’s cannot be mixed with other HeroClix products, which is really makes sense. (“Spiderman knocks out USS Enterprise !” that would hurt…) However those players who want to include some Star trek in their regular plays may wait until the Star Trek Away Team pack comes out later this year,featuring characters like Kirk, Spock, McCoy or Sulu.

click on the picture to take a closer look

  For now the game is released containing two fleets : Federation and Klingons, but I guess it’s a safe bet that otheres coming along the way. There are two kind of products avaialbe for the title : a Starter Set with 4 ships, maps, rules and two dice, and there are also single figure boosters with random content.

 I think they tried their best to simulate the abilities and tactics for the featured ships, and the figures are definitely looking good. Of course, thanks to the production limitations they are not up to scale. On the other hand I cannot guess hoe successful it could be, since the market is filled with starship-combat gaes at the moment. However I guess that Star Trek HeroClix: Tactics has the advantage in it’s easy to learn rules and relatively cheap entry point and pre-painted minis.

For additional information check out the Star Trek HeroClix: Tactics product page on WizKids’ website.

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros