A new setting is coming for Savage Worlds : the Streets of Bedlam, written by Jason L. Blair. The corrupt twin cities of Bedford and Lamrose forming the setting of the project.

  It seems the announcement of the project received a very good reception, as it’s Kickstarter site received the needed funds in 3 days! However, it’s still possible to join in, which maybe worth it, considering what they offer to backers. (free products, a place in the setting etc.)

But what is it all about ?

Bedford and Lamrose. Two sides of the same river. Two sides of the same coin. One, an affluent metropolis teeming with industry and aspiration. The other, a cesspool of crime and vice. Both dirty, both begging for the match that will set this whole city on fire.

Bedford and Lamrose. Locals call this place Bedlam. It’s a fitting name.”

  In the Streets of Bedlam setting the streets are ruled by corrupt politicians, gangs, criminal bosses and not so honest religious figures. It’s a very modern urban setting, where many people – quite surely, the player characters included – do questionable things, or even worst. Even the city’s so called heroes are grim & gritty, doing what they need to make a difference.

  In my opinion, the setting sounds something like a Gotham citywithout Batman, or a place where Rorschach could have his hands full with work. The author drawn inspiration from the May Payne games, Tarantino’s films, and from several other sources to create his own, desperate setting with it’s strange heroes. I really consider these things as a great plus in the game’s favor.

  The rules are completely competible with Savage Worlds Deluxe, but there are several additional rules included. There are character types, which is something like a character concept, like the brute Monster or the charming Valkyre, and there is  new system called “Rep” which could both help and hinder the player characters.

 If you are interested, you may find additional information on the Streets of Bedlam homepage, or you may check the game’s Kickstarter page.

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros