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Threads of Sanity #8 0

“Your masters are dead!” Sharim yelled with booming voice and Rhadec kicked the carcass of Alabus to the courtyard. “Leave or die!” and the drow didn’t had to command twice. They fled. Alabus was dead, but Jeiram had escaped. The dwarven fortress was once again regained, but there were still many questions to be answered.

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Threads of Sanity #7 0

“Come now lads…” Elbor prompted others. Old age and the lack of other hand did not slow him down or at least the old dwarf made efforts that it would not show. He was getting old and he felt it in his bones. There were things to be dealt with, and helping Sharim, Jonas and

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Threads of Sanity #6 0

Our Forgotten Realms campaign continues again, switching back from 4th edition to 3.5. Dungeons and Dragons. This has fastened the pace of gaming considerably (especially the fights) and has given, at least the casters, a lot more room to tinker with. Everybody in our group has been pleased to the change. The eyes of the

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On Preference 0

Image by: Chrstopher I’ve been giving some thought to the idea of preference. Specifically, the preferences of people when it comes to the games they play. I saw a post by Greywulf that got me thinking about it. Very often, we as gamers, get into discussions about our favorite game versus another popular game and the discussions can become more than heated. What I am starting …

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