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What is Essentials? 1

One of the exciting new things in the land of D&D 4th Edition (4E) is the release of the Essentials line of products. This line has generated a fair amount of discussion in the online D&D community in large part due to the confusion around what the products mean to the game and why they were made. Given this confusion, I’d like to first outline my understanding of…

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An Introduction 0

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Tracy Hurley, also known as Sarah Darkmagic in a number of online circles. In terms of playing, I’m a relative newcomer to Dungeons & Dragons. My very first game was about a year and a half ago and my introduction was pretty brutal. Sarah, my character, joined the party right outside of the waterfall in Keep of the …

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Threads of Sanity – Forgotten Realms Campaign 0

It has been four months since I was able to sit down to play some pen & paper roleplaying games. Being father to a small child of course reduces my time to play much, but nevertheless, I was able to pull together a group of new gamers who are willing to join the dark si…

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Essentials for D&D 4th Edition? 0

So what would a true fan say, if he ran into a person that was interested in Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition, but was put off by the number

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