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Review – Kingmaker, Volume 6: Sound of a Thousand Screams 0

Sound of a Thousand Screams concludes the Kingmaker adventure path with one of the most interesting high-level adventures I have ever seen. Although it is a much more “standard” linear adventure than the rest of the series, it nonetheless provides a very satisfying conclusion. The adventure should take PCs from 15th to 17th level. The Physical Product The book itself…

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Review – Kingmaker, Volume 4: Blood for Blood 0

Blood for Blood marks an important transition for the Kingmaker PCs, transforming them from adventurers who run a kingdom on the side to rulers who adventure to protect their kingdom. They find their nation under assault and must strike back at their neighbor – all the while maintaining their kingdom’s position and even expanding it. The adventure takes PCs from 10th to 13th level. See here, here…

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Review – Kingmaker, Volume 2: Rivers Run Red 0

The second installment of Paizo ’s Kingmaker adventure path gets to the heart of the campaign: kingdom-building. The PCs found their fledgling nation and begin to build it up; at the same time, they continue to explore the Stolen Lands and confront its many obstacles. This review is really two in one: a look at the adventure (and supplementary material) and a look at the kingdom…

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Pathfinder’s Serpent’s Skull Player’s Guide and #37 now available in PDF 0

The first two items in Paizo’s next Adventure Path: Serpent’s Skull are now out and available in PDF format. The Player’s Guide is free, #37, Souls for the Smuggler’s Shiv , sells for $13.99 for the PDF.

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Review – Pathfinder’s Kingmaker, Volume 1: Stolen Land 0

Paizo’s newest adventure path is a marked departure from their earlier efforts. Previous paths have had six closely linked adventures with a more or less linear plot leading PCs from 1st to 15th (or so) level, where they then meet and (we hope) defeat the evil mastermind behind the vast majority of the trouble they have faced. The key point is that …

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