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Tag "april fools"

Completely Horrible and Utterly Made Up Covers – A wonderful way to make your game night awkward and uncomfortable! 0

Well, it happened.  Enough people asked me where they could actually obtain some of these covers (thanks Rita!) that I went ahead and published the entire 8 of them as a 9 page PDF.  Go figure. It’s available right now from DriveThruRPG for half a buck.  What do you get for that small, impulse buy, less than a …

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WotC and SarahDarkmagic Stole from Me! 0

When I opened up my RSS feed this morning, I could not have been more dismayed. It seems that WotC ( Weems of the Coast ) has been working on a new version of D&D! That, in and of itself, is not terribly surprising or shocking. What stole my breath and made my blood boil was the new setting they announced on . …

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