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Fallout: Indianapolis – From SPECIAL to Atomic Highway 0

Tweet When I started converting the Fallout world to the Atomic Highway rules I encountered a few problems. No Vehicles? Aside from the Chryslus Motors Highwayman in Fallout 2 and the Enclave Vertibirds there are no working vehicles in the whole series (I am ignoring Fallout: Tactics here). But almost every Rearing and Pursuit grants the character one or more vehicle related skills…

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Fallout: Indianapolis 0

Tweet Recently I wrote about my plans to run several mini-campaigns in the future. The first campaign I am now working on is an Atomic Highway campaign set into the Fallout world. I didn’t want to use neither the Capital Wasteland from Fallout 3 nor the West Coast area from Fallout 1 and 2, so I decided to nuke the hell out of Indianapolis. Why Indianapolis? Basically any …

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Atomic Highway 0

Recently I learned about the awesome post-apocalyptic roleplaying game Atomic Highway by reading Berin Kinsman’s review . While he’s not really into the genre, he really like the games’ mechanics and toolbox approach. I wanted to run a post-apocalyptic game for a long time, so I decided to get a copy of the game. And I haven’t regretted this decision once, not even for a second! Instead…

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