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Retrospect nominated for a Golden Geek Award

Much to my surprise, my winning entry to RPG Geek’s 24-hour RPG contest was nominated for a Golden Geek Award in the Best Free RPG category. That’s really cool, especially considering I didn’t submit the nomination. ;o) ┬áNow, looking at the list it’s clear that Lady Blackbird should win the category in my opinion but I can’t help but…

ENnie Award Winners

Here are the 2010 ENnie Awards winners. Best Game Silver: Shadowrun Gold: Pathfinder Product of the Year Silver: Eclipse Phase Gold: Pathfinder Best Cover Art Silver: Eclipse Phase Gold: Pathfinder Bestiary Best Interior Art Silver: Shadowrun 20th Gold: Pathfinder Core Rulebook Best Cartography Silver: Aces & Eights: Judas Crossing Gold: Pathfinder City Map Folio Best Writing Silver: Victoriana Gold: Eclipse Phase Best Production Values Silver: Shadowrun Gold: Pathfinder Best Rules Silver…

List of nominees for the 2009 Indie RPG Awards

The list for the 2009 (as in these games were released in 2009) Indie RPG awards has been made public – wow, there are a lot of great games on the list. You can check it out here .