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Free Dragon Age RPG DLC – Faces of Thedas : Tallis

Dragon Age developer, Will Hindmarch has announced on the Green Ronin site a new DLC for their successful Dragon Age RPG, featuring the sexy elf assassin, Tallis “Before them I was a nothing. I was a slave. My parents sold me into it. The Qunari gave me refuge, a purpose, and a name: Tallis” – Tallis, Dragon Age:… Read More »

New planet in SW:TOR announced

In Star Wars: The Old Republic, a new planet, – called Voss – was announced this week. If you’re not familiar with the planet, but you’re a star wars fan, no need to panic. The planet is a full-new world by BioWare, witk lots of explorable areas.: “Voss is a planet of more questions than answers. Discovered by… Read More »

Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne

At an older RpgZ.org article we presented you the Dragon Age RPG. Now you can discover the world of Dragon Age through and exciting new novel, Dragon Age: the Stolen Throne. Brought to you by BioWare and Tor books, this gripping novel was written by veteran game developer and writer David Gaider and will introduce the reader to… Read More »