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Review – Burning Wheel Gold: Hub and Spokes 0

  The Burning Wheel Headquaters recently made available the Burning Wheel Gold: Hub and Spokes package, downloadable for free on RPGNow. Depending on the description provided in the product page

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Burning Wheel RPG Gold Edition preorder? 0

Check out what is up on Paizo’s webstore .

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D&D BITs: Updated sheet 0

A couple weeks ago I wrote about the house rules I’ve been using to add Burning Wheel style Beliefs, Instincts, and Traits to my 4th edition D&D game. I’ve now updated the sheet I’ve been using (which includes all the rules needed). These rules work with any version of D&D (or Pathfinder RPG) although you might need to tweak the…

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4E AP: Osirion Session #9 (Lost Empires) 0

We picked up our game right where we left off last session with Fea’ma’reth and Amaruq clinging on for dear life and the others rushing to their aide. Session Summary As Uno and Shai Hud rushed back to retrieve the remainder of the rope the group had left by the entryway, Amaruq did a balancing act on the narrow beam …

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