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Tag "campaign design"

Bring a little 1e lethality – and some background- to your new 4e character 0

The AD&D module “Treasure Hunt,” published in 1986, can prove instructive in bringing the lethality and tension of the game's first edition to the game's current edition. Years ago, when opening the fourth edition Player’s Handbook for the first time, this writer discovered some good news and some bad news. The good news was that, since heroes…

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Converting a D&D economy to the silver standard 0

          These Genoese coins, dating to the 12th Century, are a prime example of silver standard currency. Inside the treasure chest are 3,500 gold pieces, a silver bracelet inlaid with ivory worth another 50 gold, and an amethyst gem worth 100 gold pieces. That phrase, or others that are practically identical to it, can be found in almost every published Dungeons & Dragons …

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