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How to make a kick ass D&D 4e Character card deck, Magic the Gathering style 0

Ben from Ben’s RPG Pile has a fantastic idea.  Create a character deck in the style of M:tG for players to quickly reference their character, powers, items and whatnot.  Here Ben shows how to make a Dungeons and Dragons character deck (Magic style). See how he assembles the cards and all the different kinds that make a typical deck. Technorati Tags: D&D , rpg…

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Harsk: A dwarf armiger [Character] 0

Used with permission. Harsk is my first playtest character of OtherWorld Creations’ Genius Guide to the Armiger .  You can read my review here .  Harsk debuted in the finale of my summer Pathfinder game with great success.  He was a crowd pleaser for both his gruff but loyal manner and his success at fending off an oytugh.  I look…

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100th Post 0

According to my public school mathematics…this will be my 100th post! Unfortunately, I’m not really sure what I should write on such an occasion, so I’m taking a note from Trey over at From the Sorcerer’s Skull and posting one of my very first Dungeons & Dragon’s characters.

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