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DriveThruRPG want’s to know all about your favorite character – enter this contest, win great things! 0

The folks at DriveThruRPG want to know all about your favorite character.  Boil it down to a great description and their panel of three celebrity judges will pick the best!  Click the image to go directly to the contest entry page. Good luck! Technorati Tags: drivethrurpg , contest , characters , rpg , role playing games Troll in the Corner . . Related posts: Reminder – 2 days left to enter the International Dragon …

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25 Cleric Character Hooks 0

Continuing the hooks series, today we have a bunch of priestly ones for your holy edification. Many came out as missions rather than internal character struggles or personality quirks. More actionable than character-revealing this time around. Use these for PCs or NPCS. Sensing his wanderlust and noting his independent manner, the church has asked him to become a holy bounty hunter. There is a long list …

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Gaming with Kids: Kingmaker Session #0 0

Fall is approaching, school is back in session, and that means the after-school game club is up and running again – this our eight year and as I’ve blogged about earlier , we had 16 students (ages 13-19) at the information meeting who said they were  interested in playing 4th edition D&D this year. Two weeks later, we’ve started …

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The Journal of a Sunite – First Entry 0

                In front of you sits a small leather bound journal, the leather has been skilfully dyed a deep ruby red and the pages are edged in gold. Upon the cover carefully crafted into the leather is a picture of a woman with long wild hair, she is a beauty to look upon and her eyes seem to be playfully dancing …

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Character Journals 0

I know I’m not the first/only DM/player to like/use these (I’ll stop with the / now, promise), but I’ve suddenly felt the urge to write about them. When I was running one of my very first ever D&D campaigns I had set up a small, free forum which I used with my players to schedule games, post game recounts, link pictures, tell jokes, …

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