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University Courses in Board Games

Last year we told you about EdTec 670 at San Diego State University. I’m happy to tell you that it is back again this year . If you find yourself closer to Texas than to California, you can try SCCL 6366 Understanding Civilization Through Board Games at SMU, in which you learn to appreciate what board games pick up from their cultures and then design one to reflect ours. …

October Board and Card Game Patents

I’m skipping the electronic poker tables, slot machines, and a cup designed to hold poker chips. System and method for playing a team gaming tournament – Team poker, with a method for calculating a total score based on how many players are on the team and when they were eliminated. Board game with tower and collapsing stairs – Hasbro’s Indiana Jones Akator Temple Race Game . …

Jennyruth Quoits, Made by Adults With Learning Disabilities

All products made at Jennyruth Workshops in Ripon, North Yorkshire, are made by adults with learning disabilities. They make Quoits (above) and various toys and household items.

The Dreidel Board

In time for Hannukah, if your floor is covered with carpeting: the Dreidel Board . Comes with a dreidel. $30, when they have it in stock.

A New Simultaneous Chess Games Record: 523

Last we reported, the record for simultaneous chess games was 360 by a Bulgarian . Since then the record was taken by an Iranian with 500. The new record is 523 by an Israeli . For the record, you have to win 80% of the games.

Hot Games and Fast Cars Roundup

Surely you didn’t think MEGA Bloks would let LEGO hog all the glory? Mega Bloks Race Car Builder lets you roll the die and move around the board trying to collect the eight pieces you need for your car. Gerry Crown, managing director of Crown and Andrews , just won the 2010 Peking to Paris . This was his second try; last time he came in second. ( source ) Presenting the…

Online Dating Infographs a Timeline With a Few Games

OnlineDating.org attempts – very poorly – to create an infograph timeline on the history of board games. Instead, we get a very few important dates on board games and a list of five popular games, skipping over nearly everything else. Via: OnlineDating.org

Computer Beats Professional Shogi Player

Shogi is a number of orders of magnitude more difficult for computers to evaluate than Western Chess, but a computer named “Akara 2010″ recently bested the top rated professional woman player Ichiyo Shimizu. In 2005, the Japan Shogi Association forbade any of its players to play against a computer in order to delay progress toward just such a goal (and preserve the dignity of the game (i….

Dominoes Roundup

The BBC takes a look at Dominoes players in Cuba. ( source ) The Taylor Daily Press takes a look at Dominoes players in Taylor, TX. ( source ) Thomas Pausz made some rather odd Dominoes tables – with a tabletop made from multi-colored dominoes that can be played with – as art pieces. ( source )

Vibrator Chess

Um … Made by Aruliden for Kiki de Montparnasse (adult toys and costumes). Silicon with gold-plate detailing. $7,000. ( source )

Game News and Pimping Roundup

Mattel is hit with another toy recall affecting over 11 millions of toys. ( info , source ) Hasbro pimped family game night last night to little media coverage. Hasbro partners with Fox Look to distribute some of its new game shows. ( source ) Hideyuki Sakai pulls off an upset victory to win the prestigious Gosei tournament (one of the top seven Japanese tournaments for the game of Go). …

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov Re-elected as FIDE President

Our favorite alien-loving FIDE president Kirsan Ilyumzhinov has been re-elected FIDE president for another four year term. ( source , via ) In other news, the Wall Street Journal pimps Chess at a St Louis school for troubled teens. ( source )

Game and Chess News Roundup

The Adiran Daily Telegram pimps Scrabble Flash . ( source ) The Detroit News pimps Puppy-Opoly and other kids games. ( source ) BBC pimps Subbuteo . ( source ) Chess The 2010 Chess Olympiad is underway in Siberia. 2500 year-old “Chess” pieces found in China. ( source ) Finding pieces is rarer than finding boards. The Boston Globe covers the competition for…

Stereo Backgammon 4200 by Deuce

Deuce is well-known as a crafter of luxury games, including Backgammon, Chess, Dominoes, and game tables. New for 2011 is a luxury tabletop electronic game: Stereo Backgammon 4200. Made of aluminum and multi-touch sensitive glass, the game includes physical pieces in a tuck-away drawer. I think you can play with virtual pieces as well; leastwise, the dice and doubling cube are simulated with a hand swipe …

Chess Roundup

BBC presents a two part exploration of the Chess world in Seeking the Endgame . RIP Bent Larsen , Danish Chess champion. ( source ) Magnus Carlsen defeats the world in a chess challenge. ( source ) Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, preparing to defend his position as head of FIDE, resigns his role as president of the small republic of Kalmykia. ( source ) Following Quantum Tic Tac …


Gametasia , designed by Mel Wayne, is from the Freedom Within Foundation. Gametasia is part of a trilogy of works by Mel, which also includes the book Octilogy , the world “Planet Millennium”. All are free to print and play. The game requires you to scrounge up some additional pieces, such as Chess pieces and tokens. The game site, rules, board, and cards are all part of the same mythological…

Cleaning My Web Browser Tab Bar Roundup

Force Attax. It’s a CC-barely-a-G, of the Top Trumps variety. Welcome to yet another series of cards based on the Star Wars franchise. ( source ) Thwart Poker . Flip cards face up, each player secretly selects which cards to play with. Any cards chosen by more than one player become worthless. Highest poker hand wins. The Hunger Games: Training Days . …

Game Bandit—Mixed Bag Edition

First the sales… Geek Chic is running a virtual tent sale for orphaned orders, factory seconds, and show pieces. You can get their amazing furniture at significantly reduced prices. Unfortunately, the company is too busy to post the list of available pieces on the web site and I don’t have room for it here. If you’re interested, I…

August Board and Card Game Patents

As a reminder, I don’t include card shufflers, sorters, dealers, or trackers, nor lotto or gambling machines, nor electronic-only games unless I find something of particular interest. System and method for providing online SMS games – Gaming by SMS, including presenting a list of games. Method for controlling an intensity of an infrared source used to detect objects adjacent to an…

Snakes and Lattes, Board Game Cafe Canada-style

Snakes and Lattes is a new board game cafe in Toronto. Source has a shot of part of their 1500 board game collection, so we’re talking real games. ( source ) It’s tempting to think of it as Canada’s first board game cafe, but Vancouver has or had one called Wow Wow , though it doesn’t have a