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Quick Review: The Secrets of Divine Channeling 0

With Rite Publishing’s The Secret of Divine Channeling we have a completely new divine class, which is similar to a cleric in many ways, but divergent enough to justify a great publication.  The Divine Channeler class is focused more on channeling divine energy than they are on casting divine spells, and as such they’ve received a host of new channeling abilities to go along with the Clerical…

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D&D Basic Set part 8 0

CLERICAL SPELLS: The brief run-down of how clerical magic works goes through the basics, such as the fact that OD&D clerics don’t cast spells at first level. It is said that they don’t have to study spells to master them, which just means that they don’t use the Chance to Know Spell table that magic-users do. No, clerics are lucky sods …

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“The Church has moved on.” 0

No, I’m not referring to Pope Benedict XVI and the Catholic Church.  Rather, I’m referring to a recent episode of Doctor Who (“ The Time of Angels “) in which the Doctor and Amy Pond encounter River Song and Father Octavian.  River Song should be familiar to those who watched Series 4, but Father Octavian is a new face.  The Church, of course, is radically different …

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