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Read My New Comic Book Online, TODAY! 0

What an amazing day! I’m very pleased to announce the online release of my new comic book, The Uniques Tales #5: Around the World . I’m grinning from ear to ear as I read the final product, and I can’t be more thrilled. I was approached some time ago, probably six months or more, about writing an installment of an ongoing project for the dynamic team of Adam Withers…

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Update On "The Uniques Tales" Comic 0

Just a quick hit here. The comic book that I penned in the amazing series, The Uniques Tales , is going to be released online on Wednesday, July 14th, instead of today. Nothing big or tragic or anything, but the holiday weekend got in the way of some contributors wrapping things up. The header image is the first page of the comic, without lettering. Jeremy …

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Another Free Comic, Complete With Awesome 0

Adam and Comfort have done it once again, with another great addition to their comic series, The Uniques Tales . These stories take place in the generations leading up to their amazing regular work, The Uniques . This time it’s a 1940s tale, straight from the battlefield of WWII. Each issue, all of which are free, is written and illustrated by a different team. The…

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Hal Jordan For Congress 0

Just a super quick hit today. Do you think that prospective U.S. Representative Hal Jordan of North Carolina understands why his website gets so many random hits? I’d love to see his Google Analytics report to see what searches bring people to his website . It would be awesome if he turns out to be a former test pilot. There’s a “DC” joke in there somewhere, as well. While …

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Quick Hit: RIP Frank Frazetta 0

Another very unfortunate departure of a real talent from the geek world. Even if you don’t know the name, you certainly know the work of legendary fantasy artist, Frank Frazetta . We all wish him well on his journey. Read the New York Times article for more.

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The Avengers As A Gaming Party 0

After seeing Iron Man 2 last night, and completely enjoying every moment of it, I find myself thinking about the Avengers as they will be constituted on-screen, and how they stack up as a typical adventuring party. It’s no secret that Marvel is building their own larger movie continuity, currently including Iron Man , Iron Man 2 , and The Incredible Hulk , with Thor and Captain America: …

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