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Con on the Cob – Retrospective 0

One might think that with the little time I spent at Con on the Cob (especially in comparison to the multi-day affairs that were my other convention experiences this year) that I wouldn’t have anything to offer in terms of a look back at my experience. The truth is, I learned as much from my time at CotC as I did at any …

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Corny Coverage – Con on the Cob Day 2 0

My second day at Con on the Cob started out well, due largely to the efforts of two amazing con goers. You see, I really had planned to go to CotC at the last minute, and I had not arranged for a place at which I could sleep for the night that I was going to be over. I figured something would work out, and thanks to two…

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Corny Coverage – Con on the Cob Day 1 0

As I mentioned in my first post on the subject, my arrival here at Con on the Cob was somewhat hurried. I left work as soon as I could and made my way north with all speed. The convention is held in the Clarion hotel in Hudson, OH, and there seemed to be enough space for all of the attendees. I got…

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Corny Coverage – Con on the Cob 2010 0

I’m writing this well before the time when I’m actually going to be at Con on the Cob , but in the frenzy of packing, I felt the need to sit and clear my head a little. Writing is one of the things that can do that for me, so you lucky TC readers get to be subjected to some pre-con ramblings…

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Con on the Cob – Next Week! 0

We’ve not had a chance to talk about this one yet, but there is still time to get in on some awesome Fall Gaming Action! If you live in the North-Central Ohio area, then you need to take some time between October 14-17 and come check out Con on the Cob in Hudson, OH. As your friendly, local convention-coverer, I will be taking some time and heading there…

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