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The blog, it is empty! 0

Well, not quite – but there’s not much going on around here this week.  Why?  Well PAX East , that’s why! A bunch of us are preparing for the convention by doing all of our standard, pre-convention rituals.  Packing, sacrificing chicken(McNugget)s, fantasizing over bumping in to Steve Jackson in the loo. Tracy’s even lost the ability to swear correctly on Twitter – we’…

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PAX East! 0

That’s right folks, this coming Saturday, lost among the 60,000 other folks there, will be three representatives from Troll in the Corner! PAX East is nearly here, and we’re going to be there! Which means if you’re there, we’ll be there as well and since two of us live here, it’s here in our backyard! There! Myself, Tracy and Scott will all be present. Digitally …

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