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AetherCon Updates (May)

  We received the recent updates about the incoming AetherCon Online RPG Convention (announcement), and there are many things happened since our last update in February.    Multiple events were added to the schedule, including Leverage, Atomic Highway and Shadowrun scenarios. Many new Game Masters and artists joined the convention, and Pinnacle Entertainment Group offered to contribute prize… Read More »

AetherCon updates (febr. 14.)

  Last week we published the announcement for the AetherCon Online RPG Convention. Today let me share with you the latest updates about the convention, including the increasing number of games to be played and new artists for the Artist Enclave.   They are still looking for Game Masters for a lots of games, so if you feel… Read More »

AetherCon Online RPG Convention Announcement

  Grab your virtual dice bags folks and mark down November 16-18, 2012 on your calendar, the AetherCon Online RPG Convention is coming to your computer.   The AetherCon will be featuring tabletop RPGs of all types throughout the weekend highlighted by four three day tournaments of Pathfinder, Call of Cthuhlu, Savage Worlds, and Shadowrun.   Additionally vendors,… Read More »

D&D Experience 2012 started today!

  D&D Experience, held by Baldman Games, is the premier annual convention for Dungeons & Dragons, including many events, seminars, previews, and special guests. Some people were even cosplaying (it’s like halloween costumes for adults). This year the convention is held at January 26-29. This year, the D&D Experience have a special threat for attendee. D&D Next/5th Edition… Read More »

Old School Podcast – Interview with WotC

I had a great time at Pax East, as I said in my post on the matter . What I have been remiss in doing, since then, is getting the audio content that I captured out to you, our readers and listeners. Well, I am rectifying that immediately. The first bit of audio that I am putting up is my interview with Kieran Clark and Chris Perkins of…

Old School Podcast – PAX East with Smirk and Dagger

Welcome to the second of our two Old School Paxcasts!  Podcast interviews recorded at PAX East in March of 2011.  Today’s episode features an interview with Curt Covert from Smirk & Dagger games. To read more about PAX East, check out what Tracy had to say and also my review . Smirk & Dagger Games have a wide variety of slightly…

What I’ll be doing at Total Confusion XXV – games I’m playing and running

I’ve just finished up my pre-registration at Total Confusion XXV – here’s my schedule for the weekend.  I’ll be running two Aruneus sessions and premiering The Haunted Mine in New England.  That’s the first World of Aruneus adventure. Friday 1pm – 5pm R050  The World of Aruneus – The Haunted Mine (Running) 7pm – 9pm Game Design 9pm – 11pm…

Confusion Reigns! Total Confusion XXV is rapidly approaching – get registered!

Total Confusion XXV , New England’s largest gaming convention, will kick off on Thursday, February 24th and keep the gaming going through Sunday the 27th.  If you’re anywhere near the New England area you should stop in and check it out, even if it’s only for a day.  There are tons of events going on and pre-registration is open now! …

Wil Wheaton’s talk at GenCon 2010

I’ve seen a few links around the RPG blogs but the talk deserves more attention. I can completely identify with most of his experiences, especially his recollections from what it was like playing D&D when I was a kid. Part 1 Part 2 You can find the links to the rest of the parts of the talk on youtube here .

The Grand Masquerade – A World of Darkness Convention

The Grand Masquerade, a Gala World of Darkness Convention was announced last week. “The Grand Masquerade: In celebration of almost two decades of gaming after dark, White Wolf would like to invite The Camarilla Fan Club, One World By Night, The Elder Kindred Network and all World of Darkness fans past and present to participate in The Grand… Read More »