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Review: Smallville RPG by Margaret Weis Productions 0

Today, I bring you a review of The Smallville RPG by Margaret Weis Productio ns .  The folks over at Margaret Weis were generous enough to provide me with a review copy of the game (just getting that out of the way).  I have always been a pretty big fan of Superman; I love the movies, the Lois & Clark TV Show…

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Smallville AP: The Mandrake Session #4 0

Session 4 of the campaign happened after a short break. I’d been away in Dublin doing family things. Iain was still on holiday so the session took place without Nazario. We did however have Mark with us playing Karlos Milano for the first time. The first couple of sessions showed how well Smallville as a system handles drama, last session swerved suddenly in to comedy/farce and the system handled…

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Smallville AP: The Mandrake Session #3 0

This Action Report has been a little delayed by my involvement in Game Chef 2010. I’m picking it up after two weeks away from the game, so my memory of some of the events which transpired may be a little off. The third Mandrake session was an eye opener for me. Over the years I’ve played many ‘funny’ roleplaying games. They are…

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Smallville AP: The Mandrake Session #2 0

This session started with some great news. We are gaining an extra player. The wife of one of the existing players enquired about joining us, and since one of the features (Emilio) was originally designed as a lead he would make an absolutely perfect extra lead for her to play. We spent a little time filling her in on the…

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Smallville AP: The Mandrake Session #1 0

In the last report I talked about how we came up with the basic premise for our campaign and created the characters. I took these details to try and create an adventure. After a little thought I’ve decided on a name for the campaign:- “ The Mandrake “. The Mandrake (or La Mandragola ) is a satirical play by Italian Renaissance writer Niccolò Machiavelli. It’s a tale of corruption within…

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Smallville AP: The Mandrake #0 (Brainstorming) 0

Our gaming group is just about to start the third session of our “Mandrake” game. I’m really impressed by how the first couple of sessions have gone. I think we are really pushing the system and I’m proud of the game we’ve started, so I thought I would share a few details… Our gaming group has recently suffered the loss of several players. One…

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