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Review – The One Ring: Words of the Wise 0

  Words of the Wise is an adventure released by Cubicle 7 for The One Ring: Adventures Over the Edge of the Wild roleplaying game, which is recently made available

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Renaissance – D100 black powder SRD avaliable for download ! 0

Produced by Cakebread & Walton and Cubicle 7 there is another free RPG system available for download : Renaissance. On the same base as Runequest and Legend is designed for

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Darwin’s Catalogue: Beastmen of Britain released ! 1

Do you ever felt, that the rules for beastmen in the Victoriana Core Rulebook are too limiting for your taste ? Maybe it’s the first installment of the Darwin’s Catalogue

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A new Airship Pirates adventure – Ruined Empires 0

Ruined Empires, published by Cubicle 7 Entertainment and written by Peter Cakebread and Ken Walton is the first addition to the RPG called Airship Pirates. Lets see, what we know

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Doctor Who RPG – Aliens and Creatures Review 0

Analysis of Cubicle 7’s Doctor Who – Adventures in Time and Space continues with the first supplement released in PDF format and soon to be in print, Aliens and Creatures .  The first review can be seen by clicking HERE , I recommend it as a start to get a baseline of how I feel about the system before you dig into this…

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Doctor Who – Adventures in Time and Space Review 0

I’ll begin by saying that if you are unaware of the glory that is the British Science Fiction hit, Doctor Who , you have almost 50 years of television to catch up on.  However, thankfully, Cubicle 7 wrote this game to cover a relatively small but very pertinent portion of the Doctor’s grand history.  Though it makes reference to the series as a whole, we really are just concerned …

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