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Old School Podcast: Interface Zero at RavenCon Part 1 0

My RavenCon 2011 experience continues to be the focus on my posts here at Troll ITC , but this post begins the audio for the final game, and the first convention game I’ve ever run. This year I ran my first convention game, and not only that but one that used my very own rules created as an alternative to the Hacking/Virtual …

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Play Review: Interface Zero 0

In the year 2088, the interface has been eliminated.  The Tendril Access Processor creates a direct link to the brain, downloading the user’s entire consciousness to a virtual-scape known as The Deep .  This is Interface Zero , this is Savage Cyberpunk. Booting Up Interface Zero has been waiting in my rpg queue and calling to me since the day I got it.  …

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A Monkey Wrench In The Deus-Ex-Machina: Limiting Divine Power 0

This article deals in subjects that are sensitive issues to a lot of people. Everything contained within is written from a roleplaying context and no judgements are intended regarding the validity of any individual perspective on theology or on any social issues that may be referred to; no offence is intended. It’s just a game, people. Deus-Ex-Machina…

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