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Breaking the d20 Paradigm 0

“Dear d20 System, we’ve had a good run you and me… No, no relax, this is NOT that conversation. I am not breaking up with you! I just think we should see other people. You have your legions of adoring fans, and that shiny new 4 th edition, you can see whoever you want, I have met some new systems, Indies mostly, and I want to explore my options. You …

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Free Stuff Fridays: Javascript Character Generators 0

Tweet This is usually Youseph’s territory but I’m trying my hand at writing a Free Stuff Friday post because it’s a topic I’ve recently become very interested in, Character Generators. Every so often I become convinced there is a tool out there to help me create characters and NPCs for my games. I’ve tried a lot of them, with wildly different experiences (from elation to frustration) but …

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