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Quick Hit: Meet The d20 Character Sheet

So, we’ll see if this is the FINAL final character sheet, but I believe that it is. That is, of course, unless some of you find flaws with it. It’s pictured below (click on the image for a larger view). What we have here is an example of what will be the final page of every Complete Character for the

Our Spelljammer Pathfinder Campaign: When Good Dice Go Bad

I decided throw down some notes on our current games. Think of these as sort session summaries but only the good and interesting parts. This campaign has been going on for a while so I’ll take this little bit to introduce the characters. We have a Kender Bard, a Goblin Druid, a Warforged Crusader, a

Quick Hit: Discarding d20 Stats

So, as I build the new d20 Modern character sheets for my Complete Characters , I’ve decided to exclude a few stats that I have come to view as extraneous, and easily replaced should any particular Game/Dungeon Master decide to add them back in. These are Reputation. I feel like this modifier limits the character creation process, and isn’t really that useful for a character that is …

Bestiary 2: A Very Quick & Dirty Review

This was really meant to be a much longer review but heck real life and other dead lines just got in the way but here’s some quick thoughts. I gotta say that it’s pretty damned good. Not quite as good as the Advanced Player’s Guide but still good. A lot monster books are just a

Help Me Make My Kingmaker Character

Our little group is gearing up to start Paizo’s Kingmaker Adventure Path this month. I’ve been throwing around ideas for a character. Normally, this isn’t much of a problem. I’m usually one of the first come up with a character concept and run with it. We will be using Aspects but haven’t seen how the

A Preview Of d20 For Complete Characters

Building a masterpiece takes time I know I’ve been fairly absent, but it’s not all for nothing. Just a quick hit for now, demonstrating some progress on Complete Characters. I even think it’s pretty sexy, as gaming goes. The plan here is for Complete Characters to begin to incorporate stats from one or more OGL gaming systems, most notably d20. My love for D6 will likely bring me to …

Venture Captain: An Online Pathfinder Character Generator

What you haven’t heard about this yet? The folks over at Mad Brew Labs put together Venture Captain, a pretty awesome character generator for Pathfinder. Bonus it spits out a nice clean PDF of character sheet for you. The interface is pretty easy and intuitive. I really like it. Let’s face it sometimes the number

Review: D&D Gamma World

In case you’ve been living in Vault 101 for the past 20 years and are unaware, Gamma World is a post-apocalyptic RPG put out by Wizards of the Coast.  The current version (officially named “D&D Gamma World”) comes in a pretty big box.  You’ll be able to easily find it due to the retina burning green of the box, which is a similar color to …

I feel like playing D&D Essentials but for all the wrong reasons

It’s been a while and it appears that the damned edition wars just won’t die. I’m not going to hide the fact that I really don’t like 4th Edition and have been faithfully playing Pathfinder. It’s just that the bitching just keeps going on and on. Whining about math and balance. Dungeons aren’t right. It’s

Castle Ravenloft (the Boardgame)

Do you like boardgames with a lot of pieces?  Do you like D&D?  Do you like Ravenloft?  Then you will probably be pretty pleased with this board game! In case you don’t know, Castle Ravenloft is a board game produced by Wizards of the Coast, the same guys that bring you Dungeons & Dragons.  The game is loosely based on an old AD&D module of the same name…

Everything I needed to know about gaming I learned from Savage Worlds

This really isn’t about evangelizing Savage Worlds. This is about some key philosophies of the game. Mainly, don’t sweat the little stuff. Here’s one of the things that just bug about d20 in all it’s iterations, the amazing number of conditions. You’ve got things like Dazed, Dazzled, Fascinated, Frightened, Fatigued, Shaken, Staggered and the list

Freeport Companion: Pathfinder RPG Edition Review

The Freeport Companion: Pathfinder RPG Edition (affiliate link) does a great job of translating Green Ronin’s classic setting into the Pathfinder RPG system.  I also have the Savage Worlds version of the book, and somewhat prefer the Pathfinder implementation. The first chapter of the PDF discusses race in Freeport.  In addition to the standard races, there is …

D&D Essentials & Fortune Cards

So the two big things rattling the cages of the D&D blogosphere are D&D Essentials and the new Favor Cards. I admit that I am not a 4th Edition fanboy. I bought my Core Books, ran an adventure and pretty much shelved the whole thing. There just too many things that made me scream, “WTF!”

Using The Right Game for Your Game

Once again Banesfinger showed up and inspired me again with his comments on the old Savage Worlds: Whiff & Ping. This got me thinking about the crunchy bits of games and who I choose what rules to use for which campaign. Since these thoughts started with Savage Worlds, I’ll start there. I totally admit that

The Advanced Player’s Guide the Pathfinder Role Playing Game: More Thoughts

I promised a few more thoughts and well here they are. The Pathfinder RPG is pretty darned and cool my group has been playing since the beta test and we’re all pretty happy with it. This book turns it up to 11. First chapter is Character Races. This is pretty neat stuff. This is alternate

Obsidian Twilight: A Place Beyond Hell

I don’t often shill products but once in a while I hear about something that I just think is a really cool idea. LPJ Design has this pretty neat setting for Pathfinder. It’s called Obsidian Twilight. It’s a cross between Ravenloft and Dark Sun, a post apocalyptic horror setting. It’s actually pretty cool. He’s planning

Harsk: A dwarf armiger [Character]

Used with permission. Harsk is my first playtest character of OtherWorld Creations’ Genius Guide to the Armiger .  You can read my review here .  Harsk debuted in the finale of my summer Pathfinder game with great success.  He was a crowd pleaser for both his gruff but loyal manner and his success at fending off an oytugh.  I look…

Summer Pathfinder campaign complete…for now [Game]

On Wednesday night, we finished our summer Pathfinder game.  Afterwards, my players enthusiastically wished we could continue during the year and agreed to try a series of one-shots.  Believe you me, I got a big warm fuzzy feeling over that one. We estimated that we spent about 20 hours of game time playing over the course of the summer.  The group sometimes grew as large as six…

Pathfinder Advanced Player’s Guide

I thought that this was going to be cool. I was wrong. It’s just fantastic. If you’re playing Pathfinder just pick this up and drop every one of your old 3.5 splat books. You won’t need them. I’m still trying to digest all the info that is in this book. Tweaks and new abilities for

A new creature for Pathfinder/d20 – The Coilicoot

Preferring temperate or cold forests above all else, the Coilicoot is a snake-like mammal which has claimed many curious victims. Appearing like a cross between a large snake and a house cat, the Coilicoot can be found in many northern forests throughout the world.  Their coloration ranges from whites and blacks through dark orange and brown. Unlike their reptilian counterparts, …