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Dark Sun Campaign Prep – The Introduction 0

You awaken to the sound of trumpets nearby, and find it blends rather un-harmoniously with the ringing in your ears. Unfocused vision meets and even more unfocused mind as you begin to remember who you are. As your eyes clear, you notice the others around you. You begin shaking each other awake, and you find you have more questions than answers. Looking …

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Dark Sun Campaign Prep – the Challenges of Starting a New Game 0

The opportunity to start a new campaign is usually both a challenge and joy for most GMs. In the planning of my new Dark Sun campaign, the challenges appeared first. I had been wanting to start a new game for quite some time, and I had intended to run Star Wars Saga Edition. To that end, I purchased nearly the entire set of …

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The World of Athas 0

The task of creating a campaign for players is the ultimate challenge for many GMs. World building must be weaved with a plot that will excite and challenge your players. Fortunately for those who want to run 4th Edition D&D, Wizards of the Coast has provided a number of campaign settings that make running a campaign easier. Dark Sun is the newest campaign …

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Old-School Unboxing: Dark Sun 0

I’m pretty active on Twitter , and I see a lot of interesting things. Most of the people I follow write about, create, or play a lot of RPGs. One of those fine folks is the Newbie DM . This guy does a lot for the game industry through his blog and his podcast (which have been nominated for ENnies). Well, a few days…

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