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Be vewwy vewwy quiet

… we are huntin’ humans! Never under-estimate the Goblin’s home advantage. Ever. Like Unlike

DAZ Studio tutorial: Using the Elite Human Surface Shader

One of the goals of many render junkies is to strive toward being able to create as photo-real renders as possible. Even if you’re happy working with the non-photoreal, merrily creating comic style panes or images that are clearly computer generated, it’s well worth knowing how to create something that bit more realistic should the need or desire arise. The…

Monochrome soft focus corset

Monochrome? check. Soft-focus? check (Just a little. This ain’t the 80s.) Corset? check. My work is done. DAZ Studio, toning and depth of field added in Photoshop. Like Unlike

Lady Gaga. Riding a dragon. Naked. In a thunderstorm.

Ken St Andre made me do it, I swear. Like Unlike

The It’s Always Sunday Somewhere Render Dump

In the words of someone psychotic: “I’m baaaaaaa-aaack!”. Here’s a handful of renders from the archives as a return home gift. At least one of these is NSFW. Depends on where you’re working though. As it’s an honourary Sunday, GO HOME. Tell ‘em greywulf said it was ok. Coming up: The Nowhere Man. My thoughts on the Red Box. You’…

Superhero sneak peak: Nowhere Man

Here’s a quick preview of a character I’m stating up for DC Universe/Mutants & Masterminds 3e. Expect full Character du Jour treatment Real Soon ™. Meet Nowhere Man. And no, here’s not related to this guy at all. Just a guess, but I think you might like him. I do. Rendered in DAZ Studio, no postwork. Like Unlike

Dreams of Flying

Hope you’re having a great weekend, all! Like Unlike

Lazy Sunday Render Dump Beyond the Stars

A week of rendering spaceships, clowns, bikinis, fairies and elves is not a bad week at all, I reckon. What do you think? Last Check-In Coyness It's….. Showtime! (created whilst watching Galaxy Quest) Marvelman (a work in progress) Icon City Frailty the Fairy Rogue Captain of “The Broken Fate” Perfection I’m done. Hope you’re having a great weekend, all! Like Unlike

Not joking

Just this once, I worry for Batman. DAz Studio, postwork in Photoshop. You know the rest. Like Unlike

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Lazy Sunday Render Dump

Fwends? Raar said the Dragon Hide and Seek Leaping Halfling Two axes. Awesome hair. Yellowjacket Lady Bones Tweet

U sure dis pow’ful magic armour?

Never trust the word of a Gnome. Ever. Like Unlike

Reboot Destroys Starbase

Oh, poo. Here I am partway through putting together one epic scene. It’s getting late so I hit Render just so I’ve got a work-in-progress shot and walk away, leaving my little netbook chugging to itself. Of course, I forget to save the scene. After all, I’m coming back to it in the morning, and nothing’s…

It Came From the Lazy Sunday Render Dump

Not all Rogues wear black Not your typical Elven Druid Spanish Nights Toxic Running from giant skulls Wonderland Dreams Tiefling Spellthief Captain Thunder Like Unlike

Standing Guard

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The Lazy Sunday Caption Contest

I think it’s time for a caption contest, don’t you? To celebrate the release of the frankly awesome Dystopian Console Station for free , I’ve thrown together this render. All you have to do is add a caption to it. Because that’s how caption contests work, right? Winner gets a fabulous one of a kind unsigned no-prize . Trust…

Building a render, step-by-step

A short while back I posted an image titled Stand Your Ground , and promised a tutorial showing how it was made. This is it. Note: This tutorial contains nudity. Underneath your clothes, so do you. Live with it, or look away now. Starting (as you do) at the end, here’s what the finished result looked like: This is made from two renders of…

Myoozikal Dreemz

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Warforged Battlemaiden, anyone?

Oh lordy yes.  I got my steampunk in your D&D. Click to enlarge.

You’re holding it wrong

Ohhhhhh. So that’s how it should be done. I get it now. Silly me. Like Unlike

Stand Your Ground

Absolutely love how this render turned out. Best viewed large! I’ll even go as far as to say that this image is available for commercial use. Drop $10 into my PayPal account using the Donate button in the sidebar, and it’s yours to use however you darned well please. I’ll be posting up a tutorial showing how it was made, Real