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Fate AP: Osirion Session #14 (The Road to Katapesh) 0

Session Summary After making sure the  Tal’ar Dahud’s caravan was ready for their journey to Kelmarane, the group set out southward across the desert towards Katapesh on the back of several camels. A day later they came upon the remains of a camp, its inhabitants mysteriously having disappeared leaving nothing but a few bloodstains in the sand. Searching the camp turned up a…

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FATE “power cards” 0

We’re currently in the process of converting our 4E D&D game over to FATE due to almost group-wide dissatisfaction with the 4E rules. The specific rules are a mix of Strands of Fate and the Dresden Files RPG, along with some personal tweaks to make the game “feel” like D&D. While almost everyone instantly took to the idea, one of our players really…

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