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Ask the readers: Does not play well with others… 0

Over in the  Paizo Blog I’ve been reading with some interest their proposed changes to the  Pathfinder Society Organized Play program. I have never participated on such programs. When I began role playing I was intrigued by the  RPGA , joined and got their  Polyhedron Magazine . I still have the laminated card and the pin somewhere, but besides reading the magazine I never…

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Nice – the new web-based Character Builder crashes reliably 0

I only have 4 days left on my DDI account, but I figured I’d still take a look at the new DDI Character Builder to see what the new character sheets look like. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem possible since it’s crashed five times in the first 8 minutes of use. Trying to make a warforged paladin crashed it. So did …

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My rant on WotC’s new Character Builder 0

Tweet Yesterday WotC has announced a new, web-based Character Builder for DDI subscribes. While a web-based solution may have some advantages and the screenshots look quite cool, I have some issues with that move by WotC. I haven’t had the chance to talk with our resident 4E fan about this, who has probably a better understanding of …

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Pathfinder RPG Spellcards, for free! 0

I know free stuff is usually Youseph’s topic but I discovered this website this week and I’m thrilled. As you doubtlessly know I’m a Pathfinder RPG fan and have run a weekly game for the past year. Even if I don’t play D&D 4 th edition I can tell you many things I liked about the game, one of them was the ability, with the DDI , of printing power cards. I’ve…

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Is WotC ever going to update the DDi Adventure Tools? 0

It’s now been over a year and the DDi Adventure Tools continues to be going nowhere. The Monster Builder is still a beta version and, as far as I can tell, has seen no added features in a long, long time. As it stands now, it’s not even particularly useful it’s a pain-in-the-ass just to export monsters from…

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Assassins, and Necromancers, and Hexblades! Oh My! 0

I was quite excited when I recently read the Critical Hits post titled, “ D&D 4e: The New Player’s Option. ” In the post written by Bartoneus it was discovered that Wizards of the Coast will be putting out a new Dungeons & Dragons book called Player’s Option: Heroes of Shadow that will allow players to play as the Assassin, Necromancer, …

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