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Tag "Deathwatch"

New Warhammer 40k releases has been announced! 1

  Yesterday was a great day for Warhammer 40k fans, as Fantasy Flight Games announced two new expansions for their 40k product lines. The new products are the Honour the

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Deathwatch – Rising Tempest 0

   Last month Fantasy Flight Games announced their new three-part adventure, Rising Tempest. In it’s storyline the Tau takes moves to gain dominance in the area, which could turn the

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Deathwatch – First Founding was released by FFG ! 1

First Founding, a new supplement for the Deathwatch RPG has been released yesterday by Fantasy Flight Games. The book deals with the first nine space Marine chapters, formed from the

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FFG announced The Jericho Reach, a new Deathwatch sourcebook ! 0

Do you play Deathwatch, saving the Imperium with your fellow players from vile xenos and encroaching chaos as a Space Marine ? did you enjoyed The Achilus Reach sourcebook ?

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