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Thunderstone Advance – Compatibility Guide is available ! 0

   Last week AEG produced a highly demanded expansion for Thunderstone Advance : a Compatibility Guide. This means that from now on you may use your old Thunderstone cards with

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Thunderstone Advance – A review after playtest 2

  Thanks to the local AEG Stronghold Store Compaya, I had the chance to playtest the new Thunderstone Advance yesterday. It was an interesting experience, so I decided to share

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Thunderstone Advance – new rules and compatibility 1

  The regular readers may remember that in January we presented an article about the incoming Thunderstone Advance deck-building game, a card game using classic dungeon crawling as it’s theme.

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Review – The Thunderstone series 2

  Today I will take a look at the Thundestone series, released by Alderac Entertainment Group, one of the well-known successful deck-building games in the market. Since it’s release in

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Thunderstone Advance is coming ! (release in 2012 March) 2

  If you follow the AEG homepage or the Thunderstone Facebook group you may already know : big changes are coming for the popular deck-building game. With the release of

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