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DM’s Corner: The Devil’s in the Details 0

How much detail should you go into in a game before the whole thing collapses under it’s own weight? Do you track food and water for the party? Does each character have to keep a running tally of encumbrance? They may seem like minor details, but I find they can be a great source of plot hooks and sometime necessary information. Lembas, part of this…

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Glutton for Punishment 0

Sometimes I wonder why it is I prefer DMing to playing RPGs. Anyone that has run a game knows how much time and hard work are put into a game long before anyone is sitting on the other side of the screen from him/her. You spend hours upon hours organizing maps, reading background material, brushing up on encounters so they run smoothly, getting into the…

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DM’s Corner: Railroading Is Not A Crime 0

Have you ever been accused of railroading a party? A while back (before my self imposed exile from GMing) I was running a short adventure for a few friends. It was a 1st level adventure for “Just made up”, wet-behind-the-ears adventurers. The beginning premise is that the party stumbles on a dead adventurer in the wilderness and find the deed to …

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