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D&D Next Playtest 1st – before the adventure 0

   As you surely already know, the D&D Next playtest officially began, and the playtest material is (more or less) available for download from Wizards. And what’s even better, it

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More collected info and thoughts on D&D Next / 5e 2

  You may remember, that on Friday I posted some info I collected about D&D Next along with my thoughts on the matter. If you didn’t read that article you

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D&D Next / 5E – Some collected info and random thoughts 1

  If you follow the news you may know that the first seminar of D&D Experience was yesterday, and it’s topic was Charting the Course: An Edition for all Editions.

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Greg Christopher: My Advice for Wizards of the Coast 3

My Advice for Wizards of the Coast I think you have accepted that you have made some mistakes. So I am not going to rake you over the coals. I’m

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