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Demons for Legend – Arachnodemon and Imp

Hi Legend players !    This is my second article about summon-able monsters for the Legend RPG, using the rules in Arcania of Legend : Blood Magic. After my last article featuring the Succubus and Incubus, I decided that now I will create some much more combat oriented monster, and another one, which is something smaller and easier… Read More »

Demons for Legend – Succubus and Incubus

Hi Legend players !    Since I reviewed Arcania of Legend : Blood Magic I was very intrigued by the summoning rules. I think the potential to include demons, devils and other strange things is great, and must be exploited.    I think to get the intended result the demons and their otherworldly ilk should be not only… Read More »

Free Legend RPG NPC pack !

Hi Legend players ! As I promised earlier here is our first batch of ready to use non-player characters. For now I included 8 common folk you may meet during your adventures, like the Blacksmith and City Guard. You may download the file here : Legend – Common NPC Collection 0.1 If you are more interested in playable… Read More »

Another half dozen Legend sample characters !

Hi fellow players,   Based on the responses I received, many people enjoyed my previous half dozen sample characters for the Legend RPG. So I decided to continue the series with another six, bringing up the total number of available characters to a full dozen.   For some time this will be the last batch of playable characters,… Read More »

A half dozen Legend sample characters !

Hi fellow Roleplayers,   As you remember, in the middle of November Mongoose Publishing released Legend, a new roleplaying game we already reviewed. I instantly became a fan, and after some playtesting I decided to provide some additional material to my fellow players, as well as my own players.   What do I mean ? Well I intend… Read More »

Fighting The Gods: Supreme Beings As RPG Enemies

Any time you apply stats to gods for your RPG, you’re playing with fire. Most fantasy games with an epic component allow for this sort of representation of any game’s most powerful beings, but we as designers and Game Masters have to be a little careful when it comes to implementation. If we’re not, we often end up with a big letdown as the endgame comes to …

Building the Barbarian: Creating Complete Characters #1

Good evening, fellow gamers. Today is the day that Complete Characters finally comes back into view. It’s an exciting day for me, as it always is when some of my work makes its way to the public. Briefly, what this retooling means is that the previous incarnation, with its full character description, custom illustration, and systemless stats, now includes stats for the d20 system. Not one set of stats, …

Complete Characters Review

Good morning, Internet. Just a quick hit, pointing you toward a review of Complete Characters that is up at the greatness of RPG Blog 2 . Zack does a rundown of the seventh issue, Sir Aric Devilkin . So, check out his review , and then head over to DriveThru and give the download a try. Don’t forget to peruse the

Quick Hit: New Stuff, Early Success

Just a quick hit tonight, but it’s a good one! I just posted Complete Characters #7: Sir Aric Devilkin, Evil Knight, Demon’s Son up at DriveThru. I’m hoping that it will fly off the metaphorical shelves, seeing as it’s perfect for any fantasy campaign, whether it’s D&D, Pathfinder, Palladium, or whatever. It features more stellar artwork from Joseph Scott Lawn, who I have now convinced to blog…

Welcome to Jason Richards Publishing!

It’s finally here! Jason Richards Publishing is up and running with our first offerings after many months of planning. If this is your first time on the blog, or if you’re rediscovering this ridiculous corner of the Internet, I welcome you. Look around and let me know what you think. Read more about what we’re offering today, this week, and into the future, below the fold. Just…

The Return of Complete Characters

I have returned I’m not going to go into my mysterious absence in any sort of detail. Let’s just say there were monkeys. Lots and lots of monkeys. I really can’t say anything more. I’m back now, and we’re together. Isn’t that what really matters? Let’s not dwell on my many failings as a blogger, but instead talk about the gift I have for …

Complete Characters #19: Jake Avery, Haunted Police Officer

We’re starting off July with some strong and scary Complete Characters action! Not only is this exciting because I like the character, but because it was made with new and fancy software, which I would like to go on about for a while, singing praises and raising cheers. Before that, let me tell you a little bit about the character. I started out writing a “cop who has seen it…

Star Wars Lives! The Proxis Prospecting Co.

I am quite excited for my upcoming Star Wars game, and I’m always somehow surprised at how easy and fun character generation is in the D6 system is. Every character is different, there are really no “set” classes or templates, and tweaking the ruleset is easier than bullseyeing womp rats in your T-16 back home. In all the excitement, I have three new characters to share…

Complete Characters #18: The Kavanagh Twins, Villainous Arms Developers

Enjoy today’s Complete Character jam session We have a special jam session today on Jason Richards cannot be trusted in the form of a collaborative guest appearance. Today’s Complete Character, which is actually two characters, was provided by realityrefracted.com . A.L. stepped up to the plate and I think you’ll be happy with the results. Read on for the…

Complete Characters #17: Tarash Cyn, Space Station Operator

Seems like it’s been a lot of news and current events on the blog, lately, so it’s nice to sit down and work on something that we can all use at the table. We are continuing some recent trends, however, as this character is only thinly veiled against its intended setting, Star Wars. My first one-shot game leading up to my Star Wars D6 campaign starts in a couple…