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Jennifer the Sound Girl: A DFRPG NPC 0

Some time next year, I plan running a Dresden Files campaign. There’s not a lot prep for the game master until city and character creation are done but that’s not going to stop from experimenting and bouncing ideas around. I’ve already thrown the pitch and the plan is use the city I created for an

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The Dresden Files RPG: Getting Our Feet Wet Part I 0

Our little group got together to do a Dresden Files RPG one shot for Halloween and much fun was had by all. It was really great giving this system an actual run through to get a good idea on how it works when the dice meet the table. Overall, the system worked well and any

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Re-purposing Horror Adventures to Urban Fantasy/Dresden Files 0

It’s that time of year again. Time roll out the ghosts and ghoulies. You know. Halloween. Normally around this time of year I like to throw up some stuff Horror related stuff but this I want to head down a slightly different but related alley. I’m talking about urban fantasy gaming. I’ve always been a

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The Dresden Files RPG Followup 0

The postman arrived at my door a couple of months ago containing a rather heavy package from Hero Games. Turns out that this box contained the hard copies of the newly released Dresden Files RPG. What does this mean? Well you might remember that I had previously done an early review of The Dresden Files RPG based on the pre-order PDFs. I’…

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Review – Dresden Files RPG: Our World (vol. 2) 0

The second volume in the two Dresden Files RPG books released by Evil Hat , Our World features an incredibly detailed overview of the world, creatures, and characters featured in the Dresden Files universe as established by the series of novels. The authors (and specifically Chad Underkoffler) clearly put in an exhaustive amount of research in detailing every notable character (these are likely to…

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