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D&D on CNN’s website 0

CNN has a feature article about D&D – focusing mainly on WotC’s new D&D Encounters program.   Check it out here.

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Dungeon Magazine Annual – release date May 18. 0

Dungeon Magazine Annal is a collection of some Dungeons & Dragons adventures published in Dungeon magazine. The adventures contained herein provide hundreds of hours of play, and each of them

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Three-Dragon Ante: Emperor’s Gambit 0

Ever wanted to combine poker and Dungeons & Dragons? Do you wish for a D&D card game? Then you only need to wait till April 20.: “This fun card game

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Essentials for D&D 4th Edition? 0

So what would a true fan say, if he ran into a person that was interested in Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition, but was put off by the number

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