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Review: Earthdawn 3rd Edition Player’s Guide 0

Let me preface this review by showing my predjudices up front. I love Earthdawn, I have always loved Earthdawn. I loved the original Earthdawn, I loved the 2nd edition from Living Room Games, I loved Earthdawn Classic from Red Brick. Do I love Earthdawn 3rd Edition? The Product Unlike the Classic Edition Player’s Compendium, which covered all 15 Circles, this rulebook only covers the first eight Circles for …

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Five Underrated RPGs 0

There are always games that are cool, but aren’t as well-known as the “big guys.”  I present to you five of my favorite, most underrated RPGs, in no particular order. 1.  Palladium Fantasy RPG Yes, the Palladium house system has issues; it’s in serious need of an upgrade for one.  Yes, some of the Palladium worlds are very unbalanced and suffer from bloat …

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