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GenCon 2010 Expanded Coverage – Candid Keith Baker 0

I had some random things happen to me when I went to GenCon, but nothing was more random than my Thursday afternoon. I had forgotten one of the most important thing about going to a big convention, something that got me through Origins without crashing and burning: I had forgotten to take a solid afternoon break. When I was at Origins, every …

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DDO Update 5 is available now! 0

Yeah, it is out finally. The major Guild update, with a lot of customization options foe you and your friends, Guild levelling system, Guild Airships, and guild trophies too. Of

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Forged in War Book 1: Reforged 0

Reforged – A Forward (I know normally I don’t put a special forward, but this one seemed to warrant it. Feel free to skip, though if you’re not familiar with

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