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Converting a D&D economy to the silver standard 0

          These Genoese coins, dating to the 12th Century, are a prime example of silver standard currency. Inside the treasure chest are 3,500 gold pieces, a silver bracelet inlaid with ivory worth another 50 gold, and an amethyst gem worth 100 gold pieces. That phrase, or others that are practically identical to it, can be found in almost every published Dungeons & Dragons …

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D&D Economics – Magic Items 0

With Essentials, D&D introduced the concept of item rarity.  Item rarity provides some interesting ways for DMs to create plot hooks.  Here’s some ideas to make item rarity matter in your game. By default, uncommon and rare items cannot be easily created or bought by players; they need to be found.  Yet, someone had to make these magic items, and if not…

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