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Neuroshima Hex on the iPhone 0

I’m a huge fan of the Polish game, Neuroshima Hex , I just don’t get to play it as much as I’d like. That’s a problem that’s about to go away – Portal has announced that iPhone and iPad versions of their popular game are currently underway and will release soon. For the uninitiated, Neuroshima Hex is a tile game where players lay tiles in…

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Second Look—Carcassonne for the iPhone 0

Oh yes . 2 words.  Sheer perfection. Carcassonne for the iPhone is not only the best looking iPhone game I’ve ever laid my hands on, it’s on of the best looking iPhone apps PERIOD. The look, the feel, how it plays, and even how it sounds are top notch. You can play classic Carc against bots, other players via local WiFi or bluetooth, multiplayer over 3g, and …

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Yoyn Interactive Gaming Platform 0

Yoyn is an entry in the world of interactive board gaming. They make a platform with a 10 x 10 to hold game board overlays, controllers, and a USB connection to a computer running an application. In the accompanying video with highly annoying music, I see what looks to be a pretty clunky alpha version of a product, more of a proof-of-concept by a college design team than …

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