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Skill Sharpening 0

Had the opportunity to do a little Gming this weekend, and I have to say it went better than I expected. My wife decided to go scrapbooking for the night on Friday so I took the night off as a chance to gather a few players and 1) play test my game system further, 2) hone my waning GM skills. I had started…

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My Powers are Fading 0

A long time again, on a PC far far away I used to play Ultima Online, one of the first and, in my humble opinion, one of the best MMORPGs ever made.

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Maybe I’m amazed… 0

After 31 years of gaming, how am I still surprised by what players do? So as an interlude, and a way of play testing my game system, some of the players in my group agreed to let me teach them my system and run them through a small adventure. Being a little worn out on the fantasy genre, I decided to…

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How Many Attributes are TOO Many Attributes 0

I was reading a post from JB over at B/X BLACKRAZOR about character attributes and how many are too many in his opinion. While I agree with him in principal that too many attribute can become cumbersome and tedious, I find myself designing a game system that has 10 attributes. I have a similar attitude towards RPG in that I can’t seem to…

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