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Gaming fiction weal or woe? 0

Tweet Role playing games are so entrenched in their literary roots, from Beowulf to El Cantar del Mio Cid , from Howard’s Conan , to Tolkien’s Middle Earth that it is sometimes hard to separate one from the other. Inevitably role playing games in turn spawned fiction based on the games, their character’s and the campaigns. For me the Dragonlance Chronicles were a formative experience in my development as…

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Dungeon Crawl 0

Dark energies long untouched are beginning to resurface. Secrets long forgotten are returning into the minds of many. As entire cities are left abandoned and lifeless, Derelict caverns and dark

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Thoughts on Fan Fiction 0

Fan fiction is a supremely interesting topic.  I wish I could start somewhere and say, “Here is the origin of fanfic, and I shall walk you through its evolution.”  But really, that’s not possible.  Fan fiction has been around since stories were first told, and even what constitutes fan fiction is definitely up for debate.*  What’…

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