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Five More Characters Who Just Might Be Time Lords Too

Dr. Who is back and the blue police box has hit the shores on this side of the pond but you already know that don’t you? So what other what other Time Lords might be out there hiding. I think I just might have found a couple. James Bond Every few years he changes appearance

I got my JourneyQuest DVD!

My JourneyQuest Season 1 DVD came in the mail Friday! This is another piece of comedic geeky greatness from the folks behind Gamers and Dorkness Rising. I sense another cult classic coming on and it’s well deserved. JourneyQuest is the tale of the reluctant and incompetent hero, the wizard Perf and his companions; Nara the

Torchwood: Miracle Day Teaser Trailer

OK, it’s tease than trailer but can’t wait for Torchwood to return and what Starz has done with the series.

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

I love urban fantasy and this looks like it just might be a bunch of fun. And a big shout of thanks to Mike over at Wrath of Zombie who found this before I did. And yes that is Sam Huntington from SyFy’s Being Human. FYI he was in Fanboys too.

Pathfinder/Dragon Age Redemption: Do you see what I see?

So I did my daily stop by the good old Paizo blog and I saw this post and thought, Wow, if they ever do a Plague of Shadows movie, the casting would be really kind of easy.” Really, folks I can’t be the only person on the planet to have seen this. I’m really not

If you just can’t wait for Dragon Age: Redemption . . .

Everybody is just craving some more Dragon Age goodness with all the neat stuff coming up in the next few months. One of those thing is Felecia Day’s Dragon Age: Redemption. But let’s not forget a pretty cool machinima series from last year. Warden’s Fall. I was actually surprised at how good this was. It’s

Web Clip Wednesday: The Super Bowl Commercial Song

Really, I can’t say better than feature Johnathon Coulton, Greg Benson, Kim Evey and the Paul and Storm. The cast sums it up, kiddos.

Bitten: Hot Vampire Vs Jason Mewes

Once again I stumble into one those movies that went under the radar. This time it’s Bitten. This little movies stars Jason Mewes as a down on his luck EMT working the graveyard shift. He spends his nights saving a string of overdosing junkies and pretty much has a miserable life. Then one night he

Web Clip Wednesday: Super Hero Poker

Yeah, Superman really is a dick. What more can I say? Other than check out the other two episodes. Really, they worth a few minutes of your time.

Web Clip Wednesday: Super Hero Poker

Yeah, Superman really is a dick. What more can I say? Other than check out the other two episodes. Really, they worth a few minutes of your time.

Web Clip Wednesday: Swords! We don’t need no stinkin’ swords

Really, how much crap does a character need to lug around just in case you might need it for a boss fight later on. But then you really can’t beat the awesomeness of a magical smashing board.

Web Clip Wednesday: Wonder Woman is a bitch

We all know superheroes have a really good marketing team. So here’s why you don’t want to go on a date with Wonder Woman. And for you Psych fans, I hardly recognized Jules as a brunette. A Date with Diana from Maggie Lawson

Lost Girl Some Thoughts

If you like urban fantasy type stuff then Lost Girl just might be up your alley. I really hesitate to call this a review. he problem is that it is well Canadian and despite being in the age of instant communications over the internet darned hard to find legally south of the border. So search

An Early Christmas Present for a JourneyQuest fans

I’ve made it no secret that I really like JourneyQuest so I figured I do a little project and hopefully throw a little of help their way. Here are few sound bites distilled down into MP3′s. Go ahead use them as a ring tone or whatever. Now if you’re coming through via the RPG Bloggers

WebClip Wednesday: I want to f- a Super Hero

Performed by Bailee Desrocher at Meltdown Comics. Pretty damned funny. Enjoy all. /div>

JourneyQuest meet Dungeonslayers

If you haven’t seen JourneyQuest yet just freaking do it now then come back here and finish reading. One of the really neat things the guys over at Zombie Orpheus did was put Journey Quest under a Creative Commons License. So what better way to pay homage (other than cash) to this noble endeavor than

My Girlfriend Meets Sharktopus

So according to the buzz Sharktopus pretty much owned the ratings for Saturday night cable viewing. But as I sat down to watch this little epic I was expecting some resistance. You see the girl friend ain’t a geek. She tries. And God love her, she does a good job most of the time. But

Web Clip Wednesday: Journey Quest

Why didn’t I hear about Journey Quest sooner? A most epic comedic gaming return from the geniuses at Dead Gentlemen. The neatest thing about this is they are doing via Fan Funding. Just head on over and show these guys some support. We need more good gamer comedy out there.

Web Clip Wed: Geek & Gamer Girls

Yet another music video clip and it been around the net already but I figured I throw up any way. Special kudos to Seth Green, Katee Sackhoff and Stan Lee. I swear the guy dressed as Spiderman looks a bit like Nathan Fillion but I’m pretty sure that it’s not. Enjoy. Geek and Gamer Girls

Webclip Wednesday: Wounded Stormtrooper

When I saw this I had a good laugh and really reminded of Red Vs Blue. I mean really do we ever really see or even notice if a stormtrooper is wounded or what. We just assume that they die when you shoot them.