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6Quest on Kickstarter!

  6Quest, the popular Hungarian interactive fiction game is being translated to English – provided it reaches its Kickstarter goal. 6Quest is a collection of online fantasy gamebooks taking place in the shattered world of Felorian. The players assume the role of Arkhons, extradimensional entities who are trying to collect pieces of forgotten memory from the history the… Read More »

Worlds of Magic – A fantasy strategy game!

Master of Magic is a classic game that ultimately is what Worlds of Magic is following, looking to rebuild that game genre in a whole new way they have recently and successfully been funded on kickstarter! With around six days left, they are still looking to hit their stretch goal, but the good news is it looks like… Read More »

The Chimaera Stones

Review – Wiz-War boardgame

  Today I’m taking a look at Wiz-War, a boardgame released by Fantasy Flight Games. Wiz-War is basically a classic game remade, with the original released back in 1982. Although FFG made several changes, it’s only made the game better, while they maintained the original spirit and theme.    In Wiz-War a bunch of wizards fighting each-other,  to… Read More »

Boardgame review: Dungeon Run

  After some delay, Plaid Hat Games released Dungeon Run, a new game about dungeon crawling… without really crawling based on the game’s premise. However what surely sets this apart from most games in it’s type, that the final boss will be one of the players.   The story of the game is pretty simple: on the same… Read More »

Quarriors! Rise of the Demons release day !

Quarriors! Rise of the Demons is the first expansion to the successful  Quarriors! dice building game, bringing new types of dice, more player vs player interaction and eternal corruption to the title (with an epic goo-burst)   Today is the awaited release day for the first expansion to the Quarriors! dice-building game: Quarriors! Rise of the Demons. As… Read More »

Resource Chest : Gnolls, elves and maps !

There are many times, when a Game Master need some extra material, which is not included in the sourcebooks he has. Maybe he needs a complete village as a setting for his campaign, maybe some NPC ideas, or some background to take his campaign to a higher level. Or maybe some softwares to make Game Mastering much easier.… Read More »

Marcon 46 Convention Review

Over the Memorial Day weekend I had the chance to attend my first Marcon convention in Columbus, Ohio . Marcon is the oldest science fiction and fantasy convention in Ohio and is operated by SOLEA (the Science Oriented Literature, Art, and Education Foundation). The first Marcon was held in Toledo, OH back in 1966. They moved to Columbus for the third convention in 1968 and have been there ever since. Marcon offers…

Not your typical two-weapon combo

Longsword and Voulge. Well, it could catch on. Voulge from the wonderful Classic Pole Arm s pack – which is this week’s DAZ3D freebie. Thank you, DAZ! Like Unlike

I don’t need no damned swords

Bring it on!

DAZ Studio, no postwork. Like Unlike

Threads of Sanity #7

“Come now lads…” Elbor prompted others. Old age and the lack of other hand did not slow him down or at least the old dwarf made efforts that it would not show. He was getting old and he felt it in his bones. There were things to be dealt with, and helping Sharim, Jonas and

Threads of Sanity #6

Our Forgotten Realms campaign continues again, switching back from 4th edition to 3.5. Dungeons and Dragons. This has fastened the pace of gaming considerably (especially the fights) and has given, at least the casters, a lot more room to tinker with. Everybody in our group has been pleased to the change. The eyes of the

Review: Tribe 8 Rulebook (1st edition)

This review is a book that’s well over a decade old but well-worth more attention: Dream Pod 9′s Tribe 8 RPG. Here’s how the publisher describes it: We are the dispossessed, the Children of Hom, the Fallen, we are the Eight Tribe and we stand alone. We are those who walk away, those who turn our backs on…

Failed fantasy and horror novel titles and the blurbs that love them

I spend a decent amount of my time reading fantasy and horror novels.  I’ve often toyed with writing something a bit longer than a blog post, but I have a hard time pinning down enough time to do so.  I do occasionally get flashes of brilliance where ideas and titles are concerned. These six titles, they are not my flashes …

Returners FFRPG: A Short Review

Well, it’s been quite a while since my last post.  New job, new home, new love life, and new lack thereof have taken most of my time.  Now that I’ve started writing again, I figured I’d start out with a post detailing my thoughts on a system I had the misfortune of playing recently.  Now that my cards are…

Threads of Sanity #5 & 6

This time our session recap considers two sessions because two previous session have been short and we held the sessions over the net with Irc + Cacoo + Mumble combo. Those tools worked surprisingly well and made the handling of the combats a lot easier. Plus we noticed that it is easier to arrange time

Threads of Sanity #5

This time our session recap considers two sessions because two previous session have been short and we held the sessions over the net with Irc + Cacoo + Mumble combo. Those tools worked surprisingly well and made the handling of the combats a lot easier. Plus we noticed that it is easier to arrange time

Five Underrated RPGs

There are always games that are cool, but aren’t as well-known as the “big guys.”  I present to you five of my favorite, most underrated RPGs, in no particular order. 1.  Palladium Fantasy RPG Yes, the Palladium house system has issues; it’s in serious need of an upgrade for one.  Yes, some of the Palladium worlds are very unbalanced and suffer from bloat …

Threads of Sanity #4

You can see the previous posts through this link. Here is the session recap of the fourth session. Deals were made and our heroes, and their new friend Barthus, head back to the cavern to close the shadow crossing that had been causing troubles in the village Tameron at the outskirts of lake Calenhad. After