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Ink Nouveau/Goulet Pen Company are having a survey and giveaway! 0

If you’re into fountain pens, be sure to check it out .   Ink Nouveau is a great site that really shows off what makes a quality blog: engagement, passion, and hard work.  The articles and videos there are a treasure trove for anyone seeking information about fountain pens.   The Goulet Pen Company is also quickly becoming my pen resource of choice (they gave me a free …

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I’ve started an IRC channel 0

After reading so many hundreds of xkcd strips (by the way, Randall, best wishes to you and the family), I got interested in this IRC business. I stumbled around for a bit, but eventually discovered the #xkcd channel. A bunch of very nice folks, but the channel moves very quickly, with dozens of nicks contributing at any given time. It’s cool, but an intimidating introduction to IRC. …

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The GRE looms… 0

Dear readers, I do hope this finds you all in the best of health.  I am somewhat uncomfortable at present, since I am to take the Graduate Record Examination tomorrow morning at 8:00 A.M. at the University of Delaware.  You may or may not be aware of what the GRE is, but it’s really unimportant exactly what the …

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